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Fields family link confirmed!!

February 12, 2014
There has been many years of dispute of whether John Fields ( born 1763 / died in Perry County Kentucky ) was related to the Davis / David Fields line. Well, this has now been confirmed with DNA, as i match 2 of David / Davis Fields descendants. I have had a theory on this for a few years, but people disputed it every step of the way. John mentions his brother Stephen in his revolutionary war pension, and Stephens father was David, so it appears with DNA that this is also the same family, with David being Johns father. I just hope this information gets out to other descendants of John, as he has been a mystery to so many people over the years.


Saponi connection in our families

August 16, 2013

I've been finding more and more evidence of Saponi and some Catawba connections in my family as I continue my research. I honestly feel there is much more of this input than people realize, especially when you look at when and where the Saponi migrated to and from. You never hear these tribes mentioned in Kentucky. Its always Cherokee ancestry, no matter who you talk to. Yes, I believe some families may have married remnants of the Cherokee and Shawnee, but they originated as Saponi many year...
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Saponi / Portuguese

August 15, 2013

September 5th 1671 On the fourth day´╗┐ 'they reached the Saponi villages, one of which Leader had visited the year before. They picked up a Saponi guide to show them to the Totero village by "a nearer way than usual," They sent back Mr. Thomas Wood's worn out horse by a **Portuguese servant of General Wood's whom they had found in the village" A Journey from Virginia to beyond the Appalachian Mountains, September, 1671.

From Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769-1800

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Begley and Sizemore

August 15, 2013

Darby Begley

Birth 1770 in Tennessee, USA      Death  ?


Ephraim "Mullato" Sizemore

Birth Abt. 1727 in South Carolina   Death 05 Apr 1836

1) In 1753 Orange Co, NC Court Minutes, Mary Torrington petitions the Court concerning an orphan female child, called Sarah Torrington, taken from her in a forcible manner by a certain EPHRAIM SIZEMORE, a MULATTO.

William Sizemore

Birth 1671 in Henrico County, Virginia       Death  ?

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Ancestors with no history

August 14, 2013

Charity Kennedy

Birth 1751 in ,,South Carolina,USA
Death 1848 in Shawanee, Claiborne, Tennessee, USA

Mary A Adams

Birth 1760 in Wilkes, North Carolina

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