KY Tri Racial Society


Black Sam Begley, my 3 X Great Grandfather through my mothers family

Sister and cousins to Black Sam Begley. Obvious Tri Racial / Native American ancestry


Ann Jones, Daughter of Bige Jones and Sally Woods


Edmond Jones ( Right ) Father of Bige Jones


Clem Shepherd and Rutha Musselwhite


Edmond Jones and Mary Polly Asher Jones. Mary was Native American, tribe unknown


Elisha Shepherd, center. My dad's grandfather


Henderson Shepherd, father of Clem Shepherd. This family moved through the Pound Gap, from Louisa County VA into Kentucky.


Here's my 4 X great grandfather through my dad's mother, Russell Sizemore. Son of Rhoda Sizemore and unknown Begley, grandson of George ALL Sizemore and Agnes Shepherd. Russell was Catawba Indian. This family has a deep rooted history in Eastern Kentucky and was once the Whitetop Laurel Band of Cherokee.

 My ancestor, Mahlon Fields.

    Pete Bray, my ancestor through my mothers  

    family. Pete was at least 113 years old when he


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